Why should you join?

Because in addition to helping others maintain their health,

every InnoFit product sold will be given a 20% bonus that is made from your referral. These bonuses can be redeemed when you make a purchase, or you may exchange them for extra products.

Step by step

This is how you can become our Affiliate Partner:

1. Registrate

Apply to our Affiliate Program by clicking on the “Registration” button and complete the form.

2. Get contacted

After registration, we will contact you so that we can get to know each other a little better and you can ask any questions you might have.

3. Accept registration

After the colloquy, you will get an email with a link that you can use to confirm your registration.

4. Collect bonuses

After you become an Affiliate Partner, we will show you the online tools you can use to promote InnoFit products so that you can earn as many redeemable bonuses and extra products as possible.


Questions You May Have

1. Is this really the right opportunity for me?

We are looking for individuals to join as Affiliate Partners who are consumers themselves and are happy to share their good experiences with others. If, due to your profession, life situation or simply your circle of contacts, you can reach many health-conscious people, this affiliate program is just for you.

Please note that we are not looking for salespeople (this is not employment relationship), but referrers who want to draw people’s attention to how they can live a healthier life and redeem the bonuses arising from the resulting sales.

2. What are the requirements for becoming an Affiliate Partner?

Purchasing a Basic package after a successful contact via phone, Zoom, Messenger, Skype or else. The Basic package includes our 4 main products (Topform, Child, Orifit and Purfit).

3. What are the benefits of becoming an Affiliate Partner?

After every purchase generated from your referral, you will get a bonus that you can redeem for your purchases or exchange for extra products.

4. What are the obligations of an Affiliate Partner?

To maintain your Affiliate Partnership, you shall have a minimum purchase of one InnoFit product per month stemming from your referral.

5. What can I expect when not meeting the requirement of at least one purchase stemming from my referral in a month?

You will lose Affiliate Partnership and the benefits that come with it. If you wish to become an Affiliate Partner again, by purchasing a Basic package, the system will reactivate your partnership at the start of the following month.

6. How does InnoFit know if someone made a purchase based on my referral?

Each Affiliate Partner can send, share or advertise information materials on the net (e.g. blog articles, subscription to an e-mail series, webinars, product descriptions, order forms, etc.) provided with their unique identifier which allows our system to automatically identify the referrer, i.e. you, and will immediately credit the bonus to you.

7. How will I be paid?

When purchasing an InnoFit product, you can use your accumulated bonus credits as a discount or exchange it for an extra product.

8. Do I need to create my own promotional material to advertise the products?

No. We provide materials and systems prepared by InnoFit for a successful referral, you just simply need to add your unique identification code. Then all you have to do is to come up with 1-2 sentences triggering curiosity that will draw people's attention to the informational materials we provide or the events we organise.

9. I have never done anything like this before, can you teach me how to do it?

After accepting your registration, a personal mentor will be assigned to you, who will tell and show you everything. What is more, you’ll get access to our online tutorials cooked especially for our Affiliate Partners, which will help you become a professional referrer.

10. How often do I have to promote InnoFit products?

There is no such obligation. From that moment, it is up to you to decide how much time you wish to spend on promoting InnoFit products and how much bonus you achieve by doing so.


What they say

Patrick Vidakovics 

(two-time amateur kick-boxing world champion)

"I live in Thailand as a professional kickboxer. I do my 2 workouts a day in about 30 degrees and high humidity, which is very stressful for my body. Since I have been using InnoFit products, I have much more energy, I have faster regeneration after workouts and I am not so exhausted. Before matches, I have to pay attention to my weight, that means I have to skip fruits because of their carbohydrate contents, however, I really need their active ingredient content. I can easily solve this problem by consuming InnoFit products."

Agnes Fuchs


"Each morning, I dissolve a sachet of Orifit in 2 dl of lukewarm water (it can be about 25-30 degrees) and drink it sip by sip. After about a week my stomach problems disappeared and my feces became looser after 2 days. After consuming it for almost two weeks, I noticed that I stopped losing my hair and I’m less hungry too. On the first week, I had a temporary acne on my skin that has since disappeared."



You can apply to become an Affiliate Partner by filling in the form below.

InnoFit Affiliate partner application

On this form you can submit your application into the InnoFit team.

Submitting your application does not bind you to any further actions. Your mentor will get in touch with you for a brief interview. If your application gets accepted, your registration will be finalised. The payment of the Starter package - via credit card - will be due only after the said interview and acceptance

The fields marked with * are mandatory.

1) As the first step, please add your name and email.

We strongly advise you to use an @gmail.com email address.


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2) As the 2nd step, we will verify your mobile phone address

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III.) Your prospective mentor will make an appointment with you by telephone, during which you will have the opportunity to ask any further questions.

IV.) The next time you and your mentor will have a short interview to get to know each other.

V.) If your mentor accepts your application:

  1. You will receive an email with a payment link - you will then be able to pay for your starter package by credit card.
  2. After payment you will become an InnoFit Affiliate Partner.
  3.  You will receive an email with access to your web office.
  4. You will also get access to our education.
  5. You will have a Start Consultation with your mentor, where he will show you exactly how to become a good referrer.
  6. Plus, a courier will deliver your product to your door within a few days.

This means you become an InnoFit Partner from the moment your application is approved.